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Welcome to My Doctor Apps, one of the first mobile phone application companies dedicated to development of cell phone apps for doctors, hospitals, medical companies and medical professionals. Do you want your own custom app to give to your patients? Your app can put even more information into a patient or prospective patient’s hands than even your website. We can develop apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. Here are just a few screenshots of some features we can build into your custom Doctor App:

1. Practice Area Descriptions
Whether you have one or 100 practice areas or procedures you can perform, we can build a practice area section customized to fit your practice's needs. You can give a basic description of each practice area or make your section comprehensive with tips, general advice, questions-and-answers, or add as much content as you want.
2. Push-button calling feature
We help make it simple for your patients and potential patients to contact you. No more searching through their contacts or business cards for your information. We can integrate this direct calling feature into your Doctor App so patients can call your office with the simple push of a button.
3. Appointment Requests
With the Appointment Request feature, your prospective patients and current patients can request an appointment right through your Doctor App. You can customize this feature to fit your practice's needs and can direct the submission to go to any specific staff member or answering service. 
4. Splash Intro with your Logo
Your custom Doctor App will include a Splash introduction screen which gives a professional lead in to your main screen. We can customize this screen with your logo, website address, motto, doctor information and anything else you want. It gives a nice, professional feel before the main screen appears.
5. Website integration within your App
Your custom Doctor App can include integration of your Website directly within the App for users to get even more information about your medical practice.
6. Location listings with map integration and navigation integration
Save staff time by giving patients the ability to get automated driving directions right through your Doctor App. Whether you have one or several locations, we can list your locations and create separate screens for each location. Your App can simply state your office location, provide a map with highlighted areas where you accept patients, or you can even have a Navigation feature added which allows users to get directions to your office. Now with the push of a button, your clients can get GPS directions right to your office.
7. Before and After Photos or Photo Examples
Having a photo gallery is a good way for doctors to showcase their work or give examples of medical problems. Whether you are a plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, dermatologist, urologist, oncologist, primary care physician, or any other type of medical professional, a photo gallery can help provide real-life examples of medical situations or your work.
8. About Your Practice and Doctor Profiles
Create Doctor Profiles and give your prospective and current patients quick and easy access to your profile and practice information. You can provide a protograph, biography and even an email or phone button for direct contact with a specific doctor in your practice.
9. Social Networking (Facebook, Blogging, Twitter)
Do you have a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Account, or Blog? We can build a direct feed into your Doctor App to provide users with current, up-to-date content about your practice.
10. YouTube Channel Integration
Do you have your own YouTube Channel? You can now provide up to the minute access to your YouTube Channel through your custom Doctor App.
11. Make Your App Bilingual or Trilingual
If you have a multi-language client base, we can make your custom doctor app bilingual or even trilingual with just the push of a button. A simple push of the Spanish button on the screen automatically converts the entire app from English to Spanish.
12. Custom Home Screen Layouts
Choose from several layouts to help make your Doctor App as professional as possible.
13. Patient Forms and Instruction Guides
With our revolutionary technology, you can integrate patient forms, pre-appointment information, post-surgery instructions, and many other documents within the Doctor App. We can build these documents into the app, or you can provide screen shots of the documents and allow a user to email themselves the forms, all right through your Doctor App. 
14. Chat Integration
Forget about having a Patient try to remember to dial DOCTOR to 747431. Now your patients can send you a text message with the push of a button right through your app. Your patients and prospective patients no longer have to remember any number or word to contact you. Once they have your app, they can text you, call you, and send you an email inquiry right through the app. You can add any of these features into your app.

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